Scanning For Mob Tipping Points Prior to Riots – Is it Possible With Current Technology?

After watching the G-20 riots where self-proclaimed anarchists worked to destroy property and bank buildings one has to wonder if there is a solution. Of course, anyone who has ever studied riots or civil unrest realizes that a crowd or mob can change from a peaceful demonstration into a riot almost at a drop of a hat. But can we tell when that straw is about to break the camel’s back, or exactly when that tipping point is about to occur.Yes, I believe so and would like to project to you a concept that could help in scanning a mob and watching for that tipping point using the current and latest technology. You see, using super computer processing speeds and Artificial Intelligence it will be able to pin point the precise instant when things are about to turn for the worst and enter chaos mode.Currently we have Gate Recognition software programs and Body Language analyzers. We also have facial recognition technology and can couple that to a large number of units which will find the overall averages in Facial Expression. This along with Gesture Technology can also be employed. Right now gesture tech has come a long way thanks to the work by computer scientists assisting the deaf that use sign language.By combining all these latest innovations, one has to ask can we predict panic in a crowd and of the crowd itself? Can we predict human stampedes; after all, we have lots of data, video footage of riots, soccer game stampedes, etc, to use for our modeling. It can be done, I am convinced, and thus, we ought to do it to protect people, save lives and prevent massive property damage. Think on this.